Clean air?

Be grateful when you are breathing clean air!

Be grateful when you are breathing clean air!

Looking forward for a sunny day! May the haze be over soon...

Looking forward for a sunny day! May the haze be over soon… May all beings be Well and Happy!

Do you notice that you are breathing?

Do you notice the air quality you breath in?

Sometimes, we might be totally neglected on how blessed we are when we can breathe in  clean air.

Since last week, our area is blanketed by heavy haze with the horrible burning smell due to the burning in our neighboring country, the Air Pollutant Index (API) is keep going up.

A lot of area is classified under unhealthy and danger air quality.

So much inconvenience in our life…..

We need to close all windows and doors,

We can’t do outdoor activities, we can’t go for a walk, we can’t play outdoor games,

We need to wear mask when we are out of home,

We can’t enjoy open air dining,

We can’t enjoy fresh air,

Some of us getting sick, skin irritation, breathing issues, sore throat, running nose, coughing, eyes itches…..

More challenging for those people who need to work in open air, like hard labor: construction workers, contractors…..,

our animal friends and  trees, plants, flowers……

Don’t forget also the victims (human, animals and plants) in the burning area, it’s life threatening!

How importance to have clean air as we can’t live without breath in and out.

We must be mindfulness on our action, a small negligence/ action will create a life threatening impact to other living beings.

It’ll cause suffering to other beings.

Always remember we are ONE big family, eradicated you, me and I.

May the sky become blue again, may the air become fresh again, may all beings be awakening!


20 responses to “Clean air?

  1. Please take care and I hope you can get through this very tough time without too much suffering. I will look forward to seeing your pictures win the air has cleared.

  2. I am saddened to hear of the air pollution. I hope this clears soon. People take clean air and water for granted, and they miss it when it vanishes.

  3. Reblogged this on #TGFTD – Thank God For The Day and commented:
    we are often forget all those little and precious things we have everyday… until they are taken from us.
    Like the air we breathe… in Singapore, Malaysia and some Indonesian (Sumatera Island), there are haze. The air isn’t good for us.

    Just be grateful for what we have now…

  4. Hope the air quality changes for you soon! We forget that even though things are okay for us, that someone’s else’s circumstances are not equally as good. Take care and thanks for the visit and the like of my post.

  5. This is awful. I wonder if the air can get to a point where it’s so poluted that even many many trees can’t clean it. In the UK the air is much cleaner but in the cities, you notice the fumes when the weather is hot and calm in the summer.

  6. Your situation is a perfect example of how we are all connected- the events in one area are affecting the lives of people in another area. I hope it clears up soon, at least so that you are not suffering as much.

    • Thanks for your kind wishes. We are better off, however the air quality in our neighboring country is not so good, the burning is still continue. We hope the fire can stop soon, this can relieve suffering to all beings. Cheers!

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