"Always put yourself in other people's shoes." How peaceful!

“Always put yourself in other people’s shoes.” How peaceful!

Recently, I read a story, it goes like:

“ A wife was cooking in the kitchen. Her hubby beside her, he kept asking:” Don’t put so much oil!”, “Reduce the salt portion.”, “Switch to low fire”, ”Put some water” and non stop giving instruction to his wife….

After a while, his wife unable to tolerate, she answered: “ My lovely hubby, I know how to cook a delicious dish, Thank you.”

Her hubby answered:” My lovely wife, I just want to let you know, how frustrated, how disturbing when you are keep giving instruction while I am driving. Now, you can understand about my feeling.”

What a beautiful story!

A lot of times, we are always thinking from our perspectives, we might neglect about others feeling.

In the name of love and care, we might put too much pressure and tension to others without our own realization.

This is also one of the contributor which trigger miscommunication happen.

In future, do think from other’s perspective, bring happiness and not unhappiness to others.



10 responses to “perspectives…

  1. It’s very hard but also very important to keep in mind the millions of different perspectives all around us.. what can one do to interact with these perspectives in a positive and harmonious way?

    the man is wise in showing his wife how he feels about her intervening with his driving, by showing her what she hasn’t realized yet..

    Be wise and non-judgemental.. that to me is the essence of this story 🙂

  2. This is a good reminder. Truth is relative, our truth may be different from that of another. Empathy allows us to appreciate the difference in perceptions, hubris blinds.

  3. My hubby does this with me…when I am irritated and call him a name he calls me a name back and makes it obvious by telling me that we are now getting i to the name calling game. It is a clear message and it is helping me to change and watch my mouth!

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