Little teacher…

Little White, our little teacher at home….

Little White, our little teacher at home….

Do you have any pet at home?

We are blessed to adopt Little White, the stray cat in our life.

He is one of our little teacher.

He is teaching us to be more compassion, more loving, more patience, more understanding….



Even though, we can’t communicate in the same language, however we can understand each other.

A great reminder,  it shouldn’t be any border between human and other living beings, due to the differentiation of skin colors, races, form, country, religion…

We are common and we can understand each other without using verbal language.

The universal language is Love and compassion.



We can only feed little white with dry food. He is only taking one type of food, his nature is carnivore.

His body condition not allow him to be a vegetarian or vegan.

How lucky we are as human, we can select for our type of food.

There is no issue if we want to be a vegetarian.

A great diet to save the environment and also relieve suffering to other beings.

Think about it?



Once Little White is full, no matter how strong you want to convince him to take another “bite”.

It’s impossible.

He knew his need and not his want.

How about us? Are we eating based our need or our want?


Playing times?

We are playing with Little White after working and also off day.

Every evening, he’ll be waited at home and looking forward to welcome us home.

He is so happy when we are home. We’ll pat him and talk to him.

Sometimes, when we’ve appointment, we can’t get home earlier.

He’ll be so disappointed, walking up and down and waiting patiently.

A cat also need attention and love.

Think about your children, do you spend quality time with them?

Are you play with them after working?



As a buddhist, I believe in reincarnation.

Little white reminded us daily that we need to be diligently in spiritual path, do good deeds, eradicated bad deeds and practice dharma, bring happiness to others.

I still remember clearly, one evening, Little White was outside our window, he observed the children playing outside our house. His eyes were sorrow and sad, it’s just like asking: “Can I join them to play?”, “I also want to have a fun and happy childhood.” I kept weeping my tears and make a wish, “May Little White be reborn in 3 higher realm.”

Once we lost our human body and reborn in 3 lower realm, it’s hard for spiritual practice.



Little white never bring any baggage when he is out of home.

Look at us? What are we doing? How much burden are we carrying?

Some of us non stop pursuing for worldly attachment!

Are we actually living?

You can’t bring any worldly wealth when you are leaving this world.

Live at now! Share your wealth with unfortunate group. How blessed if you can help!


Everyday is a learning day!

We are so grateful to have Little White as our little teacher .….



17 responses to “Little teacher…

  1. Wonderful words and so very true. I have 5 pets (2 dogs, a cat, a kitten and a rabbit), I use to have a horse as well, and I never learnt as much as I have learnt from animals. Because we can’t communicate with language all our sense become more receptive and we can understand eachother just with a look in the eyes. We never stop learning from nature.
    Greetings from Italy 🙂

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