Let's cultivate a new habit which can benefit to yourself and others! Photo courtesy from Bro Saravanan

Let’s cultivate a new habit which can benefit to yourself and others! Photo courtesy from Bro Saravanan


Have you ever check on cable?

Do you notice how many string tied together in order to be a cable?

Normally, string after string, so it’s not easy to break and it can last for long.

Do you ever notice about your habit? good habit & bad habit?

e.g. Wake up early,overeat, love coffee, love special type of food, love to spend time on watching TV, yoga, exercise, smoking, alcoholic, reading, watching movie, gossip, a walk, …….

Habit is just like the cable. It’s form throughout the process, it’s not easy to transform immediately.

We need to change our habit gradually, like remove the string after string.

How to use 4 strength of mind to form a new habit?

Say to stop smoking….

1. Will power

Think about why do you need to stop smoking?

What’s the benefit of quit smoking? for better health, save money, reduce pollution, less smelly, not create 2nd hand smoker, have more time, not effecting other’s health….

2. Effort

How type of effort you need to put in, so you can stop smoking?

Say no to cigarette, Don’t buy cigarette.

Distance yourself from smoking area….

Donate the money which you use to buy cigarette. Feel great for doing charity which you are helping others.

3. Consistency

You must be consistently remind yourself, how great you feel when you are not smoking.

It’s all depend on your strong determination to stop smoking.

You must continue your effort and determination, let the no smoking become your NEW GOOD HABIT.


Be grateful to yourself when you see the result…

Evaluate how happy you are when you cultivate a good new habit.

Apply this simple method to your life to create a good new habit and eradicated a bad habit.

Let’s your new habit be benefit to yourself and also to the people surrounding.


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