Good morning…

Happy morning, a genuine and sincere greeting to others is the best way to start a new day. Self benefit and benefit others….Cheers!

Happy morning, a genuine and sincere greeting to others is the best way to start a new day. Self benefit and benefit others….Cheers! Photo courtesy from sis Li Yun

What is your common gestures when you meet up with people in the morning?

Perhaps you might be automatically saying: “Good Morning”

Are you saying “Good Morning”  from your heart or from your mouth?

Are you actually mean it? Or you just say it out based on social manners?

Early in the morning, the first person you should greet is to you yourself, sometimes you might also neglect…


“Wishing yourself to start with a good day.”

“Wishing yourself to do good deeds which can benefit others.”

“Wishing yourself to do less harmful action to others.”

“Wishing yourself to bring happiness to others.”

Then, you feel good and you are able to generate positive energy, you can share your happiness to people whenever you greet them.

You are transferring your love, compassion, happiness, positive energy to others…

People can feel your genuine greeting and your simple action might also cheer up other’s life.

The more you practice a simple greeting, the more benefit you are enjoying as compare to others… You are going to be more compassion and also more loving kindness.

Let’s spread positivity and happiness to others by greeting “Good Morning” with full heart.

Let’s wish everybody to have a good day to start a brand new day!

May you have a great day! Start now!



21 responses to “Good morning…

  1. My greeting is automatically “good morning” but with human warmth – reactions are not always the same, but I don’t care as I have done my human being 😀

  2. I greeted this morning with hope and a true open heart and it has already done wonders for me! Stay tunes to my blog later and you will see the inspiration I receives. Great post, thank you for it.

  3. “Good Morning, Lijiun!” 💖 I am hoping you have wonderful day, full of positive, up-lifting people like yourself.

    Reading your post this morning was certainly a wonderful reminder of the importance of a sincere greeting and a great way to start another otherwise unremarkable Monday.


  4. You touch on a great observation that if the individual is unable to be good to themselves how can they be good to others?

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