Impermanence of life

Nothing is permanence.. Don't ever think that you've ample time. Be diligent in your practice.

Nothing is permanence.. Don’t ever think that you’ve ample time. Be diligent in your practice.

We might already understood the meaning of “Impermanence of life”.

What is our reaction when we face a sudden death from our family members, friends, relatives?

Majority of us might be in sad, sorrow, fear, worry, tearful and all other negative emotion.

This morning, I went for a Dharma talk.

As usual, Venerable was given an excellence teaching and shared a lot of life stories.

At the end of the dhamma class, when the emcee announced on the schedule for Dharma class.

Venerable mentioned that the class will be cancelled.

We just wonder “WHY”?

Then, Venerable transferred merit to his father who just passed away in the morning.

I am really respect Venerable as he is so calm and peace when sharing Dharma teaching to us.

Venerable was given a good Dharma talk with no sign of grief or sorrow even though he faced the sudden death of his father.

After the Dharma Class, Venerable went back to his home town in Sri Lanka.

This incident further reminded me to be diligent in the spiritual path.

How are we going to face “impermanence” with our spiritual practice?

Are we READY?

This is crucial, to learn, to understand and to practice Dharma.

Venerable had showed a great example.

May his father rest in peace, relieve from suffering and attain Nibbana.









2 responses to “Impermanence of life

  1. Often people take life for granted, only to be reminded of the impermanence when family or friend die. Your blog post is a good reminder of the impermanence of life, thank you.

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