"The trouble is, you think you have time" By Buddha

“The trouble is, you think you have time” By Buddha

In my previous post, I did mention that due to my negligence of not closing tightly of honey bottle.

This action caused many ants died in the honey bottle.

I keep contemplate about this incident.

Ants are superb sensitive to sweet stuffs, normally they came in a big group.

When they smelled “Sweet- their favorite food”, they don’t realize about their danger.

They just aim to get “FOOD”, they don’t aware that they are going to drown and died in the honey.

This is so similar to our life, we are doing our best to satisfy our sensual desire.

Let’s say Food, we know that Fried food, heavy meat consumption, heavy sugar contain food, oily food, over consume of alcohol, non-organic food, all this is no good for our body…

A lot of time, we are unable to reject as our strong desire, we want to have it….

We look for many excuses to “CHEAT” our mind:

“only one time, no issue at all…”

“Life is short, we should enjoy it…”

“ All people is going to die, what’s to worry?”

“ I am healthy, why should I care?”

We don’t see the DANGER ahead us…….”YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.”

Moreover, some of us work so hard to earn worldly wealth,  we keep on pursuit and accumulative of wealth with a mindset  that everything remain unchanged, just like a group of little ants, we are blinded by the danger in front of us.

We might not have chance to live again if impermanence strike into our life.

Treasure now, start your spiritual practice when you still have chance and alive.

I remembered the teaching given by Ajahn Chah to his disciples who are superb busy and no time to do his/her practice.

He just mentioned to them, “If you’ve time to breathe, you can do your spiritual practice.”

How profound!


13 responses to “Realization…

  1. Good morning, your words ring true to me! We all seem to get so wrapped up in ‘now’ !

    “We gotta have it NOW!!”, “WE NEED it NOW!”

    That we forget about the consequences of how “getting it now” will damage us in the future!

    It reminds me of the saying, “All good things come, in time ” which basically means ” have patience! ”

    Thanks for the words!

    Peace out! Kirmette

    ~ Judie ~ 🍂

  2. Profound post. How blind so many people are to the dangers ahead, they move through life asleep.

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