Walk the path…

Only you can walk the path...

Only you can walk the path…

Do you love treasure hunt activities?

Normally, you are given a map to search for the treasure.

You need to read the map given, follow the instruction and start the journey of treasure hunt.

Imagine, if you are non stop reading the map and instruction, without taking action to start the walk,

do you think you are able to look for the treasure?

Even though you can remember all instructions, if you don’t move at all, you are not going to get the treasure.

Another scenario, when you are sick and you go and consult doctor, doctor give you his advice plus prescription.

Do you think you are able to recover  with only reading the instruction from the medication and never follow the advise from the doctor?

You need to take the medicine and follow his advise to speed up the recovery.

Contemplate about Buddhist practice.

We can have a lot of knowledge on the chanting, sutra, scriptures, mantras and others, this is only a map to the journey.

We can have our teacher, to point out the right path.

If you are not going to walk the path by practicing, are you able to reap the fruits?

Whenever you are facing happiness or suffering, are you using Dhamma to be free of them?

This is the point of practice.

Don’t give excuses as “no time”.

Life is impermanence, anything can be happened don’t wait for tomorrow, next month, next year…..

It might never come.

Be diligent in your practice, walk the path.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

By Buddha



7 responses to “Walk the path…

  1. as usual. beautifully written. and love the picture.
    we just need walk the path and enjoy every moment we see during the journey

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