5 balls…..

You might miss the most beautiful rainbow while you are rushing to work… Be mindfulness on your surrounding! Your work is not all your life!

You might miss the most beautiful rainbow while you are rushing to work… Be mindfulness on your surrounding! Your work is not all your life!

Yesterday, I read an interesting article, it mentioned that every one of us just like a clown, playing 5 difference balls in our life.

5 balls represented our job, health, family, friends and spiritual practice.

Only one ball made from rubber material, once it fall, it’ll bounce up, it represented our job,  others are made from glass material, once it fall, it’ll break.

Think about it! So wise and so true!

Look at ourself or people surrounding us, how much commitment we give to our job?

How much time we spend in our work?

Sometimes, we might hold the rubber ball too tight and refuse to let go.

In order to climb the corporate ladder or to accumulative our wealth, we might sacrifice

a. Family get together, “no time”  for your parent, wife or husband, children- you are absent for their childhood in the name of earning “Better life” for them. Imagine a child without the guidance and love from parent, is the material stuffs can educate him/ her to be a better person?

As for your elderly parent, do you think “Money” can replace the time you spend with them? the love you given to them? and I believe they want our time instead of all material stuffs.

b. One of our precious asset, our health. We might over abuse even though our body give us a signal.

Due to our  “BUSY” lifestyle; “overwork”, “sleep at midnight”, “Irregular eating habit”, “Late dinner”, “busy entertainment”, “heavy smoking”, “Heavy alcohol”, ” cluster mind”, “stress”,  we might totally ignore it.  Until, we collapsed one day. No matter how rich you are, you can’t enjoy without good health. Health is Wealth!

Don’t wait until you pay a big lesson in life, to make you to realize. It’s too suffering!

c. Spiritual practice, do not give “excuses” as too busy, “I’ll follow spiritual practice when I am free, when I am retired……” Do not think that spiritual practice is meant for elderly people.

Give a priority in our life, start your practice now instead of waiting until some tragic incident happen in life, then only you follow the path. This is still consider lucky, do take note that life is impermanence, we might die in any moment. As such, Treasure it as RARE opportunity.

d. Give some time to your quality group of friends who are there for you, when you need any support. Of course, for those Friends who love to gossip or give you negative energy, please distance yourself with them.

One of the good saying, we might use our life to earn all material wealth, however what can we get as a reward in our death-bed, perhaps only a small piece of land (3 feet X 6 feet) or small place (1.5 feet X 1.5 feet)…..of course, you also bring your own karma.

It’s so profound!

As such, don’t break your glass ball, don’t give yourself a chance to be regret later. Be moderate in your life!

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