Do you think flowers need to compete with others?

Do you think flowers need to compete with others in order to look beautiful? Photo courtesy from sis Ang Zhi Ting

Some of us might think that I follow the spiritual practice, I am a better person as compared to those who are not follow the path.

Do we need to compete with others?

The most important is to evaluate yourself whether you are a better person as compare to last year, last month, last week, yesterday or even last hour.

Ask yourself, How do you react on the below scenario:

When you get to know a mega sales for the items you don’t need, are you move to pay a visit?

When you see bank notes on the floor?

When you notice the wrong amount in the receipt, you are actually pay less?

When you are in the public toilet, are you using more tissue paper or water as per your normal consumption?

When the share market index is up or down, how do you feel?

When some driver overtake you in a highway, how do you feel?

When someone scolded you for something not your fault, how do you feel?

When someone cheated you, how do you feel?

When you accidentally fall down, how do you feel?

When  your friends are gossiping, do you keen to participate?

When your younger friends or family members are teaching you about lesson on life?

When others beings in suffering, pain, how do you feel?

Last week, I met with one of the humorous incident, I had my lunch outside, as weather was too hot and I wanted to get my handkerchief from backpack. It was with my sister, she sat opposite of me.

So, I stood up and got it in the backpack. However, I am also not sure why am I fallen down from the bench while I sat down. It happened so fast, I heard “oh” from the big crowd, without any thought, I did my best to climb up and sat back to the bench.

Fortunately, I am totally ok, no injury at all.

The most important, I don’t even felt any embarrassment on how people “thinking of my funniest act”, I just continued taking my lunch.

From this incident, I realized that I must continually to be diligent in my practice, I am able to letting go my ego…

We must always look inward rather than outward.

Always ask yourself: “Are you still attach with Greed, Hatred, Ignorant, ego and doubt in your action?

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.

By Buddha

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