Happy Earth Day!

How beautiful and  creative is the piece of art. It's from the recyclable plastics spoon. Do our best, make it everyday is earth day!

How beautiful and creative is the piece of art. It’s from the disposable plastic spoon. Do our best, make it Every day is Earth day!

Yesterday, it was a meaningful day. After I joined for the “Aveda Walk for Clear Water”, I went to support another go green project in-conjunction of earth day.

The main objectives of the “Go! Go! Green, Save our earth” event were save our earth, protect life and also promote good health.

There were many activities planned by the organizer, Guanyin World Foundation.

Some of the main activities;

Thousand People Group Exercise, to promote the important of exercise in order to maintain good health.

Vegetarian Food stalls, selling the yummy vegetarian food to promote good healthy living and to share a message with public that “Take a try, Vegetarian meal can be yummy too.”

And most important, once we take vegetarian meal, we are actually saving animals life and also reduce Co2.

According to Venerable Master Ming Ji, if 3,000 people joined for the activity, imagine how many life we can save? How much Co2 we can reduce?

What a beautiful act!

Organic Vegetables and Organic products sales, to protect mother of earth to be free of pesticides, harmful chemical fertilizer. Let our soil to regain it’s nutrient again.

Environmental talks to bring up public awareness on how precious is our earth, how precious is all living beings.

The beauty of nature photography exhibition, to showcase how beautiful is our mother of earth. Stunning photos to awake our heart , Our EARTH, Our responsibility.

Do our best to save it for our next generation, they deserve for pure water, pure air, pure world.

Recycle floral art, amazing way to reuse and recycle waste material in creative way. Buy whatever you need and not you want.

According to Mahatma Gandhi, “Not to waste any resources; not to be a consumerist by nature.

There is enough for everybody’s need, but not for everybody’s greed.”

This is so profound. Contemplate about it!
Are you doing your best?
Happy Earth Day! May every day is EARTH DAY!

6 responses to “Happy Earth Day!

  1. Such a beautiful piece of art! That too with such trifle materials! Thanks for capturing it through photography!

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