precious water…

Always remember be environmentally friendly, use whatever you need! Save water, save life!

Always remember be environmentally friendly, use whatever you need! Save water, save life! photo courtesy from sister Coco Tan

Have you ever felt how blessed you are when you turned on your tap water?

Some of us might not realize that water has always been the important and life sustainable drink for all beings.

“No water, no life.”

Do you know how many percentage of fresh water  which we can drink in this world? only 2.5%-2.75%.

In the names of DEVELOPMENT, we as a human have contributed heavily to the pollution of water.

Fresh and unpolluted water accounts for 0.003% of total water available globally.

Do you aware that 900 million people in this world are suffering from water crisis?

Today, I joined the “Aveda Walk for clear water 2013.”

The walk for 2.5 km symbolize a walking distance a person need to get a pail of water.

We took more than half an hour for the walk without carrying any pail of water, it might be longer if we carry the pail of water.

Imagine if the road condition is bad, weather is bad, e.g winter, raining, superb hot summer, how suffering for a person to get the precious water?

Ask yourself how do you use your water? Are you practicing water saving?

1. Do you turn off the tap water when you brush your teeth?

2. How long do you take a shower?

3. Are you use your washing machine in full load or half load?

4. How often do you wash your car?

5. Any dripping taps in your house?

6. Do you have dual flush toilet?

and others….

Not only saving water, are you pollute the water? Do you dump any rubbish or chemical to drainage, river, sea?

A small change in our daily life can bring tremendous benefit to preserve the earth, when you conserve water, you conserve life! How meaningful!

“A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man.”

Do not wait until the frightening of water crisis only we start our action.

Do it now for the happiness of all beings!

12 responses to “precious water…

    • Yup, it’s deepen our understanding on how precious is water. How much challenges others need to go through to get the clear water. with metta

  1. I doubt Britain will have a water crisis, except floods, but it is a terrible thing to know that so much fresh water is polluted.

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