Mind Purifier…

We need to do Mind purification just like we are using water or air purifier. On it for 24 hours…..

We need to do Mind purification just like we are using water or air purifier. On it for 24 hours…..

Do you sense the dirt the air?

Do you sense the dirt in the water?

Do you use air purifier at home?

Do you use water purifier at home?

A lot of times,  we might feel the air and water suppose to be clean by using our senses, eyes, nose….

This might not be the truth.

When we clean the air/water purifier, you can see clearly how dirty it is.

We use air/water purifier to filter the dirt in order to maintain great health.

Have you ever contemplate do you use any PURIFIER to filter negativity, unwholesome thought from your mind?

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thought. With our thoughts, we make the world.

By Buddha

This is the great explanation on how important to filter our thought, to remove all dirt and to attain the purity mind. With a purity mind, we are going to be GOOD person and definitely we are going to bring benefit to others.

We must always keep this in mind:

“Purity or impurity, good karma or bad karma, created by one person; YOU.


Be aware on what kind of thought coming to your mind, purify all bad thought and cultivate all good thought which can benefit to others.

Do not blame and forgive yourself, if there is a bad thought arises in your mind.

At least, You are aware!

This is great, be diligent in your practice.

6 responses to “Mind Purifier…

  1. Thanks for the reminder! I try to “filter” my negative thoughts out of my mind regularly. It really helps me feel better.

  2. we are what we think…
    that’s the truth… i believe many have this kind of experience like i did. My mind gone mad.. thinking about things very bad.. i mean in very negatively thinking. and where’s it took me? NO WHERE. that’s when i realize that we need to be more careful with our thought. it can harm us more than anyone around us.
    thank you for sharing a very nice thought here. permission to reblog it as always… 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Coretan Hidup Seorang Ryan and commented:
    Be careful with the MIND… remember, it takes YOU to CONTROL it.
    no matter how hard it is. It is in your own control.
    Reading this post made me remembered times where my mind tricked me into some situation that i’m not proud of.

    Do you agree that your mind is everything to start with?

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