I’ll do it!

How do you feel when you look at this beautiful bento? Are you hungry?

How do you feel when you look at this beautiful bento? Are you hungry?

It’s so colorful, appealing, look delicious, nice combination…..

I feel happy and  joy! How about you?

Do you want to take a try?

Do you aware that this is the vegetarian Japanese bento?

In my company, we’ve run the meat free day campaign  (once a month) for a year.

Time passed so fast, you might surprise on the result…

Total saving for co2: >1,200 kg,

Total participants: > 1,500 persons

Total mature trees  >40 years(Indirectly) saved: > 50 per year

Total oxygen supply to > 112 persons per year

A slight change in your diet, you can contribute so much….

You can do it,  be the change leader, take a lead!

We can’t wait anymore, it’s our responsibility! Mother of earth is in critical condition.

We don’t own this beautiful world, we are borrowing from our next generation.

Let go your selfishness! Leave behind a greener environment to them.

Don’t give excuses as nobody is doing…

Change your mind, Challenge your diet, Create a better world.

Let’s do it together!

If an urgent task is waiting to be done, come forward and say, “I’ll do it.”

By Master Sheng Yen


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