The beauty of life…

Do you ever remember you reply to others in such a way….

” No, I am not aware you share this with me…”

“No, I never see anything…..”

“No, I didn’t notice…….”

“No, I can’t recall at all….”

One of the great incident which might happen to you and me, we are unsure whether we’ve lock our car.

Why are  we are not aware on something happen around us?

Have you ever check with yourself and contemplate on it?

One of the reason might be you are not mindful on present moment, not living in every second of life.

Your mind is keep wander on the past and also future.

Too much thinking and the mind is not at quiet and peaceful.

You are not at present moment.

How can you be aware on anything happen to you?

We have the capacity to live at now and here with full of mindfulness, to bring happiness, joy, peace to ourselves and also others.

This morning, I had a walk in my garden. I discovered a mature grasshopper.

It’s so alive and beautiful. For sure, I can see as I am at now and here.

Discover the beauty of life when you are at now.

Can you see me?

Can you see me?

You can discover the beauty of life when you are at NOW. Smile!

You can discover the beauty of life when you are at NOW. You can Smile unconditionally!



14 responses to “The beauty of life…

  1. Hello, dear Grasshopper. Pleased to meet you. Oh you are so right about how we forget to be mindful. Especially with knowing whether we have locked the car or not.

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