Be a responsible Parent!

I am sad when I saw him during my charity home visit.

I just wonder “Why this boy kept playing soap bubbles when I visited a charity home recently. I try to ask him to clean his hand, unfortunately he can’t understand at all.

Have you heard about self torturing?

Have ever seen any of the self torturing case?

The boy whom I met in the mentally handicapped home, he was the self torturing patient.

He hate his hand so much, to him, “His hand is dirty and sinful.”

I am so sad when I knew about his story from the Person In Charge of the charity home.

He born as a normal child.

Unfortunately, his father left his mom when he was a baby.

His mother can’t accept the reality and continuously kept suicide by cutting her hand in front of him since he was only a child.

He can’t take the mental torture and he became what he is now by keep washing his hand with soap, he can’t accept his hand at all. If we stop him from washing his hand, he’ll slap his face or hit to the wall.

He can’t manage himself, he can’t understand anything, he need to tie his hand even when he is sleeping….

Can you imagine, what kind of life? He deserve a better life!

As a parent, please understand about your duty before you bring a new life to this world.

Ask yourself why are you bringing a new life to this world?

Children deserves for LOVE, PROTECT and CARE.

According to Buddha teaching, there are 5 duties to be performed by Parent towards children.

I’ll share with you on first 3 duties:

1. Refrain children from doing bad deeds.

Parent is the 1st teacher to their children. They must explain to their children what are bad deeds?

Why can’t they do bad deeds? What is the consequences?

How the evil action can bring disaster to society?

2. Practice Wholesome activities

To nurture their children on wholesome activities. Parent must take a lead as a role model.

To differentiate good and bad action/ thought.

Most important, to practice together; kindness, love, honest, helpful, compassion, good manners,

positive, and other kind virtues.

3. Education

To give a child a proper good education. They can contribute their knowledge to society.

Unfortunately, some of the parent only focus on to provide the best education to their children, they totally

forgot on the teaching of What is Good or bad thought.

Under this training, we might have an intelligent child but with no moral and virtue.

Think about it!

The future of the world is in parent’s hand, please teach your children to be A GOOD PERSON.

Be a responsible parent, practice your loving kindness and compassion to your children.

Never ever torture them-physically and verbally. LOVE and TEACH them.


16 responses to “Be a responsible Parent!

  1. What a sad story for that poor boy and so many children like him. I hope and pray that, one day, they will all be able to see the truth, which is that they are innocent and beautiful.

  2. I wish to share this with my children, since they will be parents one day. It’s also good to share stories of good parenting with our children, I think. Thanks for the excellent advice!

  3. You are so kind-hearted to share this. “Never ever torture them-physically and verbally. LOVE and TEACH them.” I totally agree.

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