If I am YOU……..

Sometimes, Little white will stare on us from top when we are leaving home… Look at his eyes… "LOVE"

Sometimes, Little white will stare on us from top when we are leaving home… Look at his eyes like telling us, ” You are out again… not playing with me… I am alone”

Even though, we are using difference language to communicate, However we can communicate well with our little white, our lovely cat.

Language is never be a barrier between us. We share the ” Great LOVE”.

Our little white is more intelligence day by day.

He always surprise us, e.g he will “Meow” my mum in the morning to inform her that the newspaper delivery man deliver newspaper at our gate.

“Mum, Please go & collect.” in meow… meow language…

We brought home the “Great compassion bottle water”, he wanted to drink from the bottle, he was licking the water with his little tongue. How amazing!

Little white is our  teacher at home, inspired us to be diligently in spiritual path, be compassion and share our great love with all beings.

Recently, I read a few articles, it sadden me….

” Police able to detain a lorry which kept more than 600 cats, on the way to transport this miserable cats to slaughter-house. It was great that this cats being rescued. It happened in Japan.

“Same incident happen in China. Police able to rescue all cats…..”

How many more of our pet friends who are not discovered or rescue ,to be sacrificed?

” Recently, there is a popular fried dish in Szechuan, China, Deep fried Rabbit head and Brain?”

I kept asking myself,

“Why we act cruelty to our animal friends?

What drive us?

To satisfy our sensory desire?

To show how “brave” we are to eat difference type of “MEAT”?

To earn a living?

To get “Fame” by creation of new “Dish”?

Human is more superior than animals as we can train our mind to have right view, right understanding, right intention, right action….

Ask yourself:

“Am I doing a right thing?”

” Am I causing suffering to others?”

“How do I feel if this happen to me?”

“Am I in pain? in Fear? In stress?”

If you’ve a pet, imagine if this happen to your lovely pet? How do you feel?

We met this lovely little girl and the stray cat at a temple… she is showing her "Loving kindness" and the cat can sense it.

We met this lovely little girl and the stray cat at a temple… she is showing her “Loving kindness” and the cat can sense it, not run away. Purify our mind like a child. Love, protect and NOt kill our animal friends.

Think before you act, “If I am you……….”

Most important, put yourself in the miserable animal’s shoes.

Harm no person, animal, plant or mineral.

By Thich Nhat Hanh











16 responses to “If I am YOU……..

  1. Our pet cats and dogs are very intelligent. They always try to communicate and talk to us. They amaze me. The trouble is that we don’t take time to listen to them. When we travel to another country and become strangers and can’t speak the local language we want people to be kind and helpful to us. Our animals live with our strange ways all the time so we need to be kind and helpful to them all the time.

  2. Little White is adorable. I am also happy that she has a good life with your family.

    One day, when I was younger, I had to visit a slaughterhouse, to deliver some papers for my boss. I didn’t have to go into the part where they were killing the animals, just the part where the office was. However, I could hear the animals screaming. It’s a terrible memory.

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