I want Nothing!

I want Nothing! 

Photo courtesy from sis Nicole.

Do you spent time to be a volunteer?

What drive you to be a volunteer?

Do you expect something return as a volunteer?

e.g. Praise, Compliment from others, recognition as a good person, good merit, certificate, free drink and food, token of appreciation, ………….

Once you have any expectation, you are not sincere and pure.

You can’t enjoy the true happiness and joy.

“True charity is the desire to be useful to others with no thought of recompense. “
Emanuel Swedenborg

Experience “NOTHING” in your mind when you are helping others.

Feel the ultimate happiness & Joy.

This is the moment you can remember for life and also even in your death bad, you’ll Smile!

I read a beautiful interview from Master Cheng Yen, The founder of Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi  Foundation.

This is the spirit and the way of life we can learned from Master Cheng Yen.

“ I seek nothing for myself, but only hope that those in suffering, may be relieved of their pain,

I will devote my life to this, to the very last second.

Because I cannot bear of others to suffer, I am willing to come back again, life after life, to continue this work. I must not stop.

So I continually remind myself to live out these sutra verses:

“ May the mind be tranquil and clear; the vow, vast as endless void, such will, unwavering for countless eons of time.”

My work is to lead everyone to spiritual understanding so they may be able to transcend their suffering, for it is only by having a transcendent understanding of life that we can touch true happiness and joy.”

My deepest gratitude to Master Cheng Yen for her teaching.

Let’s practice, I want NOTHING for myself, I am willing to contribute to bring  joy and happiness to others.

Make this world a beautiful place to stay, leave behind an evergreen Earth but not the end of the world.

14 responses to “Nothing!

  1. You are so right, when we give with out expectation of a return, is when we truly give. To give in expectation of a return is to barter our generosity into a commodity.

    • So true, we are not doing business transaction when we are doing charity work/ volunteer.It’s great to give rather than receive. Cheers, bro!

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