When you go for a walk, this is the best time to practice mindfulness.

You will see something “New”, “Interesting” during your walk.

Do you think this is really something NEW?

Most of the thing which  we consider as “NEW” already exist for a long time.

We don’t see or notice it because we are not mindful.

Our mind keep wander the past and also future. Unfortunately, we are not at NOW.

You’ll notice it when you are in silence and stillness.

Is it look like "turtle"?

Is it look like “turtle”?

Can you guess, “what’s the animal”?

I saw it during my recent morning walk.

It look like “Turtle”…. Do you agree?

It made up from mushroom… Amazing! The art of nature.

It made up from mushroom… Amazing! The art of nature.

My 1st thought was it made up from stones.

When I squat down, I realized I am wrong, it made up from “MUSHROOM”.

This incident also reminded me

 “Do not put personal perception until we see the truth.”

Good is to practice the Way and to follow the truth.

Great is the heart that is in accord with the Way.

By Buddha

May you find the truth in life!


12 responses to “Truth

  1. During a walk I saw the first foraging bee of 2013, a sign of the coming of spring in Britain. I am happy at this.

  2. Loved it. 😉 I think it’s all new. When you walk, or you’re outdoors, everything has that potential to be new, to be seen through fresh eyes. Because nature, including people, are transcendental, and ever changing. There is freshness in everything which allows itself to change.
    But yes, I agree. 🙂

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