Be diligent on the path, continue to give advise to others.

Be diligent on the path, continue to give advise to others. When the time is right, just like the mango is going to ripe, they’ll listen to our advise. Do not be discouraged!

Most of us, we do our very best to be a GOOD PERSON and try our best to benefit others.

However, we are always facing challenges in life which we are meeting some people with bad thought and bad intention.

How do we handle such a situation?

Talk to the person directly?

Avoid that “person”?

Remain silence?


Gradually guide him/her to be a good person?

Show a good example to touch his/ her heart?

This is one of the most common question I always received from my friends.

I am grateful that I’ve read the below article from “A Tree in a forest” by Ajahn Chah, it’s so profound.

Kindly spend some time to read through it:

“Those who don’t practice don’t be angry with them. Don’t speak against them.

  Just continually to advise them. They will come to Dharma when their spiritual factors are


  It’s like selling medicines. We advertise our medicines and those with a headache or

  stomachache will  come and take some. Those who don’t want our medicines, let them be.

  They are like fruit that still green. we can’t force them to be ripe and sweet- just let them be.

  Let them grow up, sweeten and ripen all by themselves.

  If we think like this, our mind will be at ease.

  So, we don’t need to force anybody.

  Simply advertise our medicines and leave it at that.

  When someone is ill, he’ll come around and buy some.”

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  2. This is very important. We get so tempted to share our happiness with others and wonder why they are not interested – it can be difficult to understand. Nobody wants the belief of others to be ‘shoved down their throats’. Doesn’t matter how happy you are in your practice, the important thing is to be there when/if the other person shows interest. Thanks for the thoughtful post 🙂

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