Beautiful Childhood!

How do you spend time with your children?

Do you spend time to play with your children?

Do you read story for them before they go to bed?

Do you bring them to experience the nature?

Playing with Little White, it's the joyful moment! We are at NOW!

Playing with Little White (Our cat), it’s the joyful moment! We are at NOW!

"Hide & Seek", he love to play in nature. Please give your children a beautiful childhood and let them to play in nature.

“Hide & Seek”, he love to play in nature. Please give your children a beautiful childhood and let them to play in nature.

My sister & I love to play with little White, our lovely cat.

He loves to play ball and he is really great in catching the ball when we throw to him, “hide & seek”, hide in boxes and others.

Every night, he’ll wait for us to be home at the house entrance.

We’ll play games with him after our dinner time. This is the great moment for our family to get together.

He is too smart, he’ll share with us which games he want to play.

Little White bring so much happiness and joyful moment to us.

We’ll allocate quality time to play with him, no matter how busy we are.

We love him and we can feel that he loves us too.

Some of my friends share with me that they will pass the smart phones to their kid in order to keep them quiet. So, they can read newspaper, watching TV, doing housework……

I believed you can see this situation quite common especially in public area restaurant, children are playing with smart phones quietly, so their parent can enjoy their meal.

One of the case, I heard from my friend that even a child refuse to play the smart phones, his mom was so insisted so that he can keep silence and not disturbing her.

Some of the parent, might be Proud when their kids know to operate smart phones.

Do you see there is lack of communication? Is it LOVE?

All this gadget will bring harm to kid’s brain development.

Today, I read another article that what is the best thing that the kids “Know” how to do: “All related to electronics & communication products, ” Smart phones”, “computer”, “internet”, “Ipad”, “Youtube”, “TV”…..

What they don’t know: read map, repair tyre, recognize bird type, recognize butterfly type, serve tea, climb tree….. all related to living skills…

Think about it? Is it what we want our next generation to be?

How miserable! How pitiful!

Our children is just like a piece of white paper, you as a parent who will guide them to color their life.

Guide them to the right path, talk to them, play with them, teach them about the living skill, expose them to the nature, most important guide them to be a good person.

Don’t give excuses to yourself, by conveniently pass your smart phones to them in order to keep them quiet. Be moderate!

Let our children to get a chance to get in touch with nature, to quest for new thing, to play with other children… Give them a beautiful childhood!








8 responses to “Beautiful Childhood!

    • Great! Your grand children will be very much appreciated on your guidance.Thanks for nurture such a beautiful children.They are our Hope! Happy New Year! Cheers!

  1. You hit the nail on the head with what is really concerning a lot of parents now, with the computer and electronic age in full swing. Seems like especially hildren and younger adults will be dealing with a lot of the consequences of this. Good post!

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