The Spirit of giving


May you bring happiness and joy to other's life!

May you bring happiness and joy to others life!

Year end is one of the key shopping period, a festive season to celebrate Christmas and also New Year.

Most of the shopping complexes, restaurant, hotel, are all decorated well for the Christmas and New Year.

Last weekend, I went for a walk in shopping complex.

It was beautifully decorated, shinning lighting and full of the celebration mode.

So crowded, A lot of people doing their shopping either gift for themselves or gift for family or friends.

One question come to my mind, how do you buy a gift for others?

Based on your preferences?

Based on the person’s preferences?

Based on other’s needs?

For the sake of  gift exchanging party?

Do you ever receive any gift that you “Don’t need”? and

You need to find way to give to others?

If this is actually happened, you might also contributing the same incident to other’s life.

Giving something that other’s don’t need but we assume they “NEED”.

Are we using or wasting too much natural resources?

Think about it?

Considering about this point, I started to give something special to my friends which is suitable for everyone.

I am giving a donation on behalf of them, a receipt written on their names.

A donation which can cheer up and brighten other’s life.

It can also encourage them on the spirit of giving to those unfortunate group.

To sow the seed of kindness and the beauty of kindness will be spread too.

More important this act can reduce the usage of natural resources.

It’s so meaningful!

Before you buy anything to others, please remember to check whether he or she, “NEED”, if not you can try for “on behalf of Donation.”

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

By Dalai Lama XIV

May you bring happiness to cheer up others life!

9 responses to “The Spirit of giving

  1. I agree that we should be thoughtful and mindful in our gift giving. Many people receive a lot of happiness from very simple, small gifts. We forget that it is often the giving rather than the gift itself which is treasured.

  2. It helps when you are poor to not be wasteful in your gift giving. This year my hours at work have been drastically cut. My gift to my siblings were a framed copy of one of the pictures from our parents wedding. album. They both have passed and I am keeper of the album. They loved it!

  3. Yes, I took the time to write an ‘annual update’ which I sent to my extended family in place of a Christmas card..and I attached a nice pic of my husband and I with the update. My family seemed to really appreciate the effort and also getting a newsy update which they can then use to communicate with me more over the coming year. I think it is the gift of ‘being there’ for others that is valued more than ‘stuff’. Cheers, Stephanie

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