We are equal

Give the same treatment and love to al beings. We are equal!

Give the same treatment and love to all beings. We are equal!

Recently,one of my friend shared an incident with me, when she saw a stool in the public toilet bowl, she just flushed it instead of thinking whose fault.

How about you? What’s your reaction?

Do you condemn the irresponsible people?

Are you waiting for cleaner to flush?

Are you going to flush it?

I totally agreed with her, instead of keep repeating of “other’s fault” to others people, if it’s within our limit, it’s better we just take action and resolve it.

It’s great to contemplate on this issue, some of us are willing to spend time to be a volunteer. When our identity is “Volunteer”, we are so willing to clean the toilet.  No complain. Moreover, we feel great as we are able to do something benefit to others. A clean environment!

Once we change our “Volunteer” identity, some of us are no longer willing to do any services, “This is not my responsibility”


Our mind is making a “differentiation”- not equal.

Besides, if you’ve children or pets at home, when you see their’s Stool. How’s your reaction?

I am sure, no matter how dirty or smelly, you are cleaning it, perhaps with a smile.


LOVE, Unconditional love.

The same incident, happen to my children/ friends/ family….. vs others.

You can see clearly on your reaction.

According to Buddha Teaching, WE ARE EQUAL.

We need to practice to treat all beings equally and give the same love as you treat your children.

There is no differentiation between, you, me, your….. We are ONE.

Then, you’ll automatically to give services to other with a smiling face rather than keep complaining.

May you be Well and Happy, bring more happiness and benefits to people surrounding!










6 responses to “We are equal

  1. Great post. So true. When we are judging we are not loving. By continuing to judge we are passing it on to others. And then making it okay to do such things over and over. It’s a never ending thread. I wish humanity could recognize that all things belong and have a purpose. That even the smallest things have the greatest influence. That we need to become humble again….

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