Only you know the right size of your shoes, only you can walk the path of enlightenment!

Have you ever purchase any shoes for others? OR

Do you ever ask anybody to purchase a pair of shoes for you?

Recently, I had an experience that I am going to get a pair Arhat Shoes and my sister asked me to get her a pair of shoes too as she was away for business trip.

Even for myself, I need to try for a few sizes, then only I can get the right size.

I am unable to get for my sister even though I know her usual size as the cutting is difference.

This incident deepen my understanding that to attain enlightenment is all depend on ourself.

Buddha, our great master taught and shown us the path for enlightenment.

We must WALK the path in order to be enlightened.

There is no shortcut, we must be diligent in the path, Listen to Dharma teaching, Reading sutra and most important to practice Buddha’s teaching, Be compassion and  with wisdom which can bring happiness to our life and also other’s life,

We must make our own priority, what do you want? liberation? Enlightenment? or Worldly attachment?

The choice is in YOUR hand for now and future life.

“Those Who really seek the path of Enlightenment dictate terms to their mind. Then they proceed with strong determination”

By Buddha



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