Washing Glass cup….

You’ll wash your glass cup in gentle, careful and mindfulness… Please treat all “relationship” the same. Then, we can enjoy the best relationship.

What material of cup are you using?




How do you wash your plastic cup?

Are you gentle? Are you careful? Are you mindful?

How do you wash your glass cup?

More gentle? More careful? More mindful?

The glass is so fragile and easy to break, as such you are mindful, conscious and careful.

If we are able to apply the same method of washing glass cup into our relationship to others like our family, friends, colleagues and others, you’ll be more gentle, more mindfulness on your body, speech and action. How amazing!

We can reduce all the “Distrust”, “Hatred”, “Anger”, “Frustration”, “stress”, “Fear”, ”Tension”…..

We can love each other like the selfless love given by a mother to their children.

Conflict disappear,

Hatred disappear,

Tension disappear,

“I” disappear,



Let’s build a PURE LAND in this world now.

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