May your mind be always  at peace, calm and serenity!

Sometimes when we are writing, sleeping, meditating and others, we are enjoying our moment of “peace & serenity” and  if there is some noise from outside?

How do you feel?





Have you ever think like  this

” The noise is really annoying, disturbing MY peaceful life.”?

” Can I shut my ears, just like I closed my eyes?”

I found the below teaching from Ajahn Chah is so profound:

” It’s not the sound that disturb you; its you who disturbs the sound.”

We are the ONE who went out and invite the “sound” to our life.

Contemplate about it.


If someone call you ” stupid”, “idiot”, “senseless”, “stingy”, “Selfish”, how do you feel?

If someone praise you, “generous”, “Kind Hearted”, “Honest”, “Loving”, “Friendly”, how do you feel?

Kindly put the teaching from Ajahn Chah to practice, we hear it because we love to “Listen”, we love to “ENGAGE” with it.

You are the master of your life, you can remain your “Peacefulness”, “Serenity” and “Calm” no matter what “sound” you hear.

The key is with you and do not “Blame” on others. Look inward and not outward.

May your mind be always at  peace, calm and serenity!












7 responses to “Sound

  1. I believe so too, Li Jiun..
    but it need to have a strong will and determination to start with..make into practice and be part our daily..
    I wanna try it.. 🙂
    Thank you for the sharing, it has enlightened and inspired me…

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