Nature is our best teacher!

It’s a raining season now.

Before the rain fall, it begin with the sky covered by dark cloud and  also windy.

Have you ever observe the raining day?

What is the impact of rain & wind toward the tree?

Normally, some of the leaves might fall down in-relevant of color, green or yellow.

This is the act of nature and it share a great lesson to us…

1. Impermanence of life

a. The leaves will never know when is it turn to fall down from the tree.

It’s similar to human life, we know our end destiny is death but we don’t know when.

As such, we need to treasure every moment in life, Don’t assume we are going to live long and

procrastination our plan to do good virtue. Grab the opportunity NOW!

2. Coffin is for dead person and not meant for elderly only….

Once strong wind blowed, leaves are going to fall down ir-relevant of color, green (young) or yellow (age).

Similar to our human life, once impermanence strike (Natural disaster, accident, sickness), we’ll say good-bye  to the world irrelevant of our age. As such, LIVE AT NOW!

3. “THE LAST”.

Leaves will never know whether there can meet others leaves again once under strong windy day. It might be “THE LAST”.

As such, in our daily life, when we are meeting/ gathering/ socializing/ conversation/ Tele-conversation with others, PLEASE pay your 100% focus and concentration, be MINDFULNESS!

Some of us might think that we’ve plenty time to meet again, as such, we don’t treasure every meeting opportunities. Instead of to understand  or chat with each other, we spend time on “Playing our smart phone”.

Is this familiar?

Treat all this meeting as “THE LAST”., then we’ll precious all moment. Do not be regret later!

This method can be used to improve our relationship too as we are “MINDFULNESS”.

Nature is our great teacher. Just spend some time to observe!

Give Priority instead of giving excuses.

May your wisdom life grow!









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