How do you feel when people give negative comment about you?



Self Doubt?






Losing confident?

Can you accept the negative comment if there are the true claim?

It’s the golden opportunities for us to transcend our selves.

“The person who know yourself the least is YOU, YOURSELF!”

How wonderful if somebody point out our shortcoming!

We accept it with open mind and improve ourselves to be a better person.

Treasure the  great opportunities.

If the negative comment is not true claim, just ignore it. No need to cause any emotional turmoil to your life.

Be the leaf float on the water, never bother or disturb by negative comment when you are on the right path.

I remember one of the story, one day, a young man is bothered by the negative comments which are not true claim.

He is so discouraged.

He went to see a monk and shared with him for all the challenges he is facing.

The monk kept silence and he pick up a leaf from the tree and put into a glass of water.

Then, the monk asked the young man to observe the leaf whether it’s up or at the bottom.

“The leaf is float on the water.”

Then, the monk, added more water in the glass, he asked the young man to check it out again.

“The leaf is float on the water.”

Later, the monk stir the water and the leaf, he asked the young man to check again.

“The leaf is sill float on the water.”

Imagined you are the leaf, being surrounded by water; negative comment, the leaf will be always float on the water.

As such, you should not being bothered by the negative comment which is not the true claim.

Just be yourself when you are doing the right thing and on the right path.

Nothing should be bother your strong FAITH and BELIEVE.

May you be be HAPPY and Well! 

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