Let’s us be Mindfulness on our Body, speech and thought! To be a good person with a kind thought in every moment of life, bring happiness, love, peace and compassion to all beings!

Whenever you see something unfair and not right happen around you, how do you feel?

Whenever you read newspaper, there are a lot of violent cases, tragedy, bribery, war, natural disaster and other negative news? How do you feel?

Are you angry?

Are you frustrated?

Are you seeking for justice?

Are you helpless?

Are you sad?

Nothing you can change if you keep your anger, frustration whenever you read negative news in newspaper.

Perhaps, we can change our negative emotion to positive energy.

To be compassion, The best way is to pray for any victims, “May all beings be Happy and Well.”, ” May all beings relieve from suffering.”

As a Buddhist, I strongly believe in “Karmic Relationship”, whatever we are experience now is due to the our “PAST” Karma. The best example to understand about karma, If you sow a watermelon seed, you are going to get a watermelon, there is no way for you to get winter melon.

The best way is to take care of  our “Body, Speech & Thought”, to ensure our speech & action is NOT creating any harm to other beings. Instead of applying judgement to others, to classify: “Good people vs bad people”, “Right vs wrong”, “Fair vs unfair”, “Moral vs unmoral”,……..

Let’s be mindfulness on ourselves.

Be a good person with GOOD THOUGHT in any moment of life! Don’t put any judgement and expectation to others!

Let’s share our unconditional compassion and love to all beings without asking any return.

“The very purpose of religion is to control yourself, not to criticize others. Rather, we must criticize ourselves.

How much am I doing about my anger?

About my attachment, about my hatred, about my pride, my jealousy?

These are the things which we must check in daily life.”

By Dalai Lama





10 responses to “Yourself!

  1. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    For the past couple of days and the next couple of days, I am in a space where I am thinking about these thoughts. In my email this morning, is a daily mediation from Father Richard Rohr which often challenges me the same way this post does. Be good is more than saying the words for me.

    • Hi! Thanks for your reblogged & Great you find this article meaningful. Be a good person, this the ultimate objective of a human. Control ourself instead of others. May you be always Happy and Well! Cheers!

  2. My late father used to tell and my 2 other siblings…and I wanna share it here..
    with your permission…

    ‘In what ever you do, do it with your heart, full of passion and love..make the best out of it..

    and when you plan to it with your brain and yourself first in their shoes and understand why things happened..everything has a reason…

    help the unfortunate, share things you love with others and spread out love among friends or with whoever you have contact with..without prejudice and doubt..don’t look at their color nor their religion..don’t choose friends, make yourself fit to all….

    Good people will meet good people, but of course, in along the way , you will also run into misfortune, but God has His explaination for all can also be blessings and a good lesson for you…’

    *I miss my father…

    Hi lijiun..
    my warmest regards to you..

    ~ KeY

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