Perfect Green?

Sometimes, you might hear people complain about their life,

even though their wealthy, they still complain and said that

” How nice if I can have a bigger house?”

“How great if I can get a luxury branded handbag?”

“How wonderful if my bank account can have a USD$ 1,000,000.00?”

“How awesome if I can own a luxury branded car?”

And many more “WISH lists”… Animals can be satisfied once they are full.

Human can never be satisfied as we want MORE, more desires…..

What do you see from this picture? Do you think this is a perfect green if we can remove the 2 little white mushroom?

In order, to have contentment in life, focus on what you have.

Just like the green grass, focus on it and not zoom to the little white mushroom.

You’ll feel lighter in your shoulder.

You’ll hear more laughter rather than complain.

You’ll be more relax rather than stress in yourself.

You’ll enjoy  peace and harmony…….

What a perfect life!

Contentment is the ultimate Happiness in life! 

I am not saying that you need to give up everything in life but YOU KNOW when to LET GO!

Live at now!

May you be Happy and Well!






7 responses to “Perfect Green?

  1. How right you are… be happy with what you got… it’s a damn site more than what someone else has… there will always be some worse off than you, and some else better off than you… accept it and be happy….

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