I always share with my friends that we must take good care of our health as this is one of the best way to be filial piety to our parent.

Imagine when you are sick, what is your parent’s response?

They are worry, they will do their best to take care of you irrelevant of how old you are.

They just want you to BE WELL…

If you are also a mother or a father, I strong believe you can understand this better.

How many sleepless night when your children are sick?

How many times you need to wake up when your children are sick?

I’ve a great experience when Little White (My lovely cat) was sick as his stomach was stick with the glue, more than 2 weeks ago.

I can feel the pain of little white, His pain is same as my pain. If you can feel the pain of other beings, you are not going to kill and eat them. How do your parent feel when you are sick? Try to contemplate on it.

Take good care of yourself, make your parent happy and the best way is not to harm other beings, make their parent happy too. Happiness is for sharing! 

After 2 weeks of great care from us, he is recover up to 90%….. You can see the short fur growth on his stomach. Be mindfulness on our action, do not harm others.

May you be Happy and Well! Take care of your health! Make the people surrounding you, a HAPPY person especially your lovely parent!

6 responses to “Healthy!

  1. Aw, I’m so happy Little White has such a compassionate parent as you, Lijiun! 🙂 Little White looks much better than just two weeks ago. Good job on taking such good care of him.

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