Contentment! Enjoy the inner happiness, joy, peace in life…. How beautiful!

Today, I learned a very profound teaching from Ajahn Brahm.

He shared a story on 5 kids…

One day, a teacher shared with this 5 kids, a “WISH”  is given to each of the children.

Ask them what they actually want…

The kids love ice cream so so much…As such, their answer was related to ice cream.

Kid 1: An Ice cream for me….

Kid 2: An Ice Cream Factory

When the Kid 1 heard the answer from Kid 2, he was so regret. He hope he can give his answer, one more time.

Unfortunately, there is no rewind in life. Live life to fullness with no regret.

Kid 3: Billion dollar.. So he can buy ice cream factory and also candy factory and……….

Kid 4: Billion dollar, factories and 3 more wishes… so, this 3 more wishes will never be end… it’ll be 3 more, 3 more and more to come…

Do you think we are just like the kid 4? Never ever stop pursuit for more and more stuffs in life.


It’s so difficult to satisfy our desires. We want MORE.

Kid 5: I wish for “NO WISH”. How beautiful!  “CONTENTMENT”.

He is satisfied with what he has.

How many of us actually are content with what we have?


When you are content, there is less desire in life, you are enjoying unconditional happiness, peace and harmony.

Is it what you want in life?

Think about it!

I truly wish more “KID 5” type of people in our world, be contended!

This can reduce the harm to our mother of earth and also suffering to all beings.

Leave a behind a better world for our next generation!





6 responses to “Contentment!

  1. It is a good philosophy to take into account future generations in all decisions and actions, for often it is always short term motivations that drive action and decisions.

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