Recently, I read one of the very interesting story… Here you go!

Express our gratitude and love before too late. If not, we are just like the cow, never express a word of gratitude.

A lovely mother is cooked lunch and dinner for her family many years.

One day, when this family get ready for dinner, they are expecting good dishes to be cooked by their mother as usual. They are shocked when their mother take out a plate of “GRASS” for dinner.

The children asked: “Mum, where is our dinner?”

Mother: “Grass, your dinner for tonight.”. She continued:” I feed grass to cows everyday, they never give any compliment or complain on the grass. Equivalent to you all, just like the cow… after many years of cooking to the family, I never hear any compliment or thank you from you all. So, I decided to serve you all with “Grass”, it make No different.”

A very good story for us to contemplate further.

Are you take thing for granted?

Have you ever express your gratitude to your family members?

Are you too shy or too stingy to express your love to them?

Are you going to lost anything when you express your gratitude?

Do you assume that is a MUST for your mom to cook for you?

Always be thankful and gratitude to others  and sometimes we might forget our family members.

Normally, we treat others better as compare to our family.

We set a very high standard for our family members..  they “SHOULD”, They “MUST”…

How about YOU?

Take a change from yourself and not from others! Look inward and not outward!

Express your love and gratitude while we are still alive.

Not to regret in the death-bed.

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