Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Traditional piglet biscuit

Traditional piglet biscuit for the celebration of  MID Autumn Festival. Normally, this is favorite biscuit for children. However, this tradition is gradually forgotten.

In the past, before the confectionery businesses start to bake the mooncake, they must first test the temperature of the oven to know whether the crust of the moon cake is crunchy. So, the chef will first put the dough without ingredient into the oven for the  quality testing of mooncake. From here, the begin of the Traditional piglet biscuit. After that, it comes with many different lovely form, e.g. fish, butterfly….

I brought some Traditional piglet biscuit to give to my friends and neighbor’s children… they love it so much…

Happy faces from the lovely children….How Precious!

A beautiful moment in life is sharing  happiness and to see the smile from others.

What is more important than this?

You’ll be more happy when you see others “HAPPY”….

Today is the 15th Day of 8th Lunar month, The mid Autumn Festival, (中秋节), it’s a full moon day.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Happy reunion with your family and friends!

May all beings be HAPPY And WELL!







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