Sometimes, we might overlook or not sensitive towards some items display at home.

We might think this is SAFE for human but we might forget our other little friends.

We might simply put some of the items, e.g Knife, Glue, Toxin items, nails, scissors…

We are not realize that our  unintentional action might cause harm to other living beings.

Our lovely cat, little white, when he came back from outside yesterday morning, we discovered that his stomach, his hand  was covered by “Glue”. It was so sticky.

We were unsure how can this be happening, we did our best to remove it with oil plus warm water. Unfortunately, we failed.

So, we sent him to Veterinarian, the option was to put him on anesthetic and shave his fur which covered by “GLUE”.

We admitted him at 10:30 am & discharged at 7 pm.

Under the anesthetic, he can’t even recognized us when we brought him home last night.

We followed the advise from Veterinarian, to put him in a cage as he might be aggressive.

He cried, yelled and done his best to escape from the cage.

So helpless! What I can do is to pray for his speed recovery and also no other beings are suffered from being trap with “Glue”.

We count our blessing that he can get home as the glue not stick to his whole body, if not he might be gone now…

I walked around the neighborhood to trace the “GLUE” with the hope that no more animals being suffered from it. Mission Failed… Can’t see anything.

Some Photos on Little White…..

Before the incident….

See, no more fur on his stomach, hand…… Be mindfulness on our action! Do not harm other beings.

May all beings be safe from “Glue” Trap! With metta

Lesson learned from this incident:

1. Life is impermanence! We can’t predict what’ll happen for next second of life. Treasure it before too late.

2. Freedom…. Very precious. I can see how struggle and FEAR of Little white in order to find a way out from the cage.

3. I can understand further on the precept  “to refrain from intoxicating drinks and drugs which lead to carelessness”.

When people are “Intoxication”- with drugs, liquor and others.

They are going to lose the Human nature,they can’t think properly, they can’t even control themselves and some might lose their consciousness.

They might do something which is going to harm themselves or others.

4. Think before action as our action might cause suffering to other beings. Be Compassion!

5. My heartiest Appeal, Please Do not TRAP little animals with “GLUE” especially some of us love to use “Glue” to trap rat. Can you imagine how suffering is our little rat, hunger to death and the agony process of waiting to die. How do you feel if you are the rat?



12 responses to “Glue!

  1. poor thing! I know that must have really scared you. My pets are like my children and when something happens to them it effects me as well. I also agree with the animals traps. I personally don’t use anything that kills. I use live traps and release them in a field somewhere. Yeah to some people it might be a lot of work, but their life isn’t any less important than my own. Why do they deserve to die when they are just trying to survive? People always complain about certain animals carrying diseases..well, guess what? So do we!! Humans carry tons of diseases! So no they don’t scare me nor do I feel the need to kill them. Hope your kitty gets better!

    • Thanks! He is recovering now. For the time beings, we are not allow him to get out. Yup, Say no to animals trap. If we can feel the pain of animals same as us, for sure we are not going to trap them. To keep away from all this creatures, we need to take care of our home hygiene. Love them, not kill them as we are the intelligent being, HUMAN.

  2. Great post. Glad Little White is okay. I worked at a wildlife rescue hospital for a few years and we saw many injuries from the animals getting caught in various things left behind by humans. And on one occasion I got a little rat separated from a horrible glue trap. Thanks for the post.

  3. I hope Little White is still doing better now. Thankfully he is OK now. Fur will grow back, but his life and health is more important. It’s sad when things like that happen. One of my cats was cut on her head from what we think was a o yard/garden weed whacker. It was bad and angry to think that someone would use a sharp tool to scare her away . Luckily it was only a cut and not much worse! That was many years ago and she is still with us, and stays indoors for her safety. I wish for many more happy and healthy years for Little White. 🙂

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and for introducing me to your blog. I especially like Little Whites’ posts. I guess that’s the feline in me! I hope that he is much better now.

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