Leaves fall down from tree. It’ll become the fertilizer to the tree and the tree will grow new leaves… the process will continue. This is same as our life!

Have you ever figure out what is the main element of our body?

Basically, our body is form based on characterization of Earth, water, fire, air and space.


Earth: Our body structure, bone, fresh…

Water: 70% of our body consist of water.

Fire: Body temperature

Air:  breath in and out

Space: Our body is hollow and empty, if not how can we breath in & out?

When we die, what’ll happen?

Our body will dissolve back to mother of earth either buried or become born ashes.

Conclusion: To be fertilizer to soil, or throw the born ashes to sea; It’ll become food to fishes.

Water: dissolve back to mother of earth.

Fire: No more temperature.

Air: No need air as no more breathing.

So, do you think you can bring anything with you?

Nothing, everything will dissolve and back to mother of earth.

“Nothing is permanence. ” by Buddha

As such, What is your purpose of life?  Why are you keep pursuing in life? What do you want?


Take some time to contemplate on this questions.



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