Do you love to eat banana?

Do you love to eat banana pancake?

Have you ever figure how much effort need to put in before we can eat the banana?

Some of us, might say, “we are using our money to BUY the banana. What’s the big deal?”

Of course, we need money to buy the banana but if there is drought, monsoon, storm, fire and other natural disaster happen…  and nobody plant the banana. Do you think you still can use money to buy the banana as all tree die?

We should always gratitude for all food we are eating, gratitude to the mother of earth, to the sun, good air, great effort from farmer and all related person who involve in the total process.

Today, we’ve harvested our banana. Our gratitude to the nature and the strong determination from the banana tree to give us the tasty banana.

It’s organic- free from chemical and pesticides. The texture is so much different from the “Banana” at the stall.

To fasten the ripening process of banana, sometimes “chemical” is involve.

However, for our home-grown banana, it’s so natural.

Back to simple, original taste.

We are sharing this tasty organic banana with our neighbors and friends.

Sharing Happiness! What a beautiful world!

Even though, the wind blow heavily on the banana tree….. it’s almost fall down but it still sustain until we are able to enjoy the banana. Our gratitude! This is a great lesson of life, we must be strong and full of faith, no matter how much challenges we are facing in life. Never GIVE UP!

The banana, look healthy with beautiful color. Be determine, we are able to achieve our goal. Similar to our spiritual practice, be diligent until we attain enlightenment!

Be gratitude when ever you’ve your food. What we have now is the best. He who can never be satisfied is poor man, no matter how much he owns. by Master Sheng Yen



12 responses to “Banana

    • Yup, There are plenty of banana trees in Malaysia. Our banana tree also at our backyard.. So Great! Do you plant anything in your garden now? Cheers!

  1. So easy to think bananas just appear out of nowhere, popped into our shopping basket and paid for with money, as you say… Wonderful post reminding us all where the food we eats comes from. Thank you!

  2. I love what you write…’s so true……being grateful and amazed about every meal we eat is very awakening… stops us taking the wonder of food and Mother Nature for granted 🙂

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