Sometimes, when we give advise to people in order for them to take care of their life.

We will do our best to remind them,

1. Take care of your diet, take more vegetables and fruits, reduce meat taking. Best option to be vegetarian. Advisable to take organic food stuffs.

2. Sleep early, before 11 pm.

3. No smoking

4. Exercise daily, minimum: 1 hour

5. Deep breath

6. Meditation

7. Drink enough water, min 2 liter. Do not wait until your body giving signal that you are thirsty.

8. Laughing and big smiles

9. Spiritual practice.

Most of the time, people will response negative and giving a lot of “EXCUSES”.

We must take a strong effort to change our habit and come out from our comfort zone.

Meaningless to regret when we are ill.

Do you realize that when we are ill, we’ll follow a superb healthy lifestyle?

e.g. When we are fever, we’ll drink more water, take more fruits and vegetables.

How about when we’ve recovered? We tend to be forgot everything and go back to our previous lifestyle.

Is it the right way?

When we chop a tree, the tree will not die…. Similar to our life, we make effort to change our lifestyle but we continue giving “EXCUSES” and be lenience to ourself. What’ll happen?

Nature is our best teacher. See what happen, the leaves grow back. If we want to change our lifestyle, we must be determined to continuously to do it for 40 days. Let the good lifestyle become good “HABIT”. Then, we can practice for life.

Our life is in between of breath in and breath out.

There is no U Turn, treasure it and not allow ourself live in “REGRET” later.

Change doesn’t come from the sky. It comes from human action

By Tenzin Gyatso

4 responses to “Change

  1. You’ve asked some great questions here and shared thoughtful insights. Thanks for reminding us what is important. Also, thank you for stopping by Travel Oops and liking the photos of aspen trees in Colorado!

  2. It is often the first step of an action which is the hardest, but with each step it gets easier, it becomes a habit.

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