The lightness of heart!

Let go our attachment! We can enjoy The lightness of Heart!

Do you ever check the content of your handbag or brief case?

Do you actually need all the items?

Yesterday, I went for a Dharma talk by Ven Prof  M Seelawimala Thero.

The teaching from Venerable is so profound on “LET GO” and he gave a good example.

If anybody ask you, where is HEAVEN?

Are you going to point up or down?

Am sure, you ‘ll be automatically pointing up.

Imagine, now I give you a balloon fill with helium gas.

Can the balloon fly very high? YES.

How about if I give you a balloon fill with water?

Can the balloon fly? NO

Next Scenario:

If I release the balloon, can the balloon fly high? YES.

If I tied the balloon with string, can the balloon fly? NO

See, we can answer all this questions, extremely well.

However, can we apply this in our daily life?

The more weight we carry, the more burden to us.

The more you are willing  to “LET GO”,  the more you are enjoying freedom and happiness.

The lightness in heart! How beautiful!

Imagine, if you being tied by Fame, Wealth, Food, Relationship and others, how do you feel?

Heavier, stress, fear to LOSE and full of attachment!

Do you enjoy Freedom?

When we are  heading to the path of enlightenment, the 1st step is to LET GO our attachment.

If not, there is no way for us to fly high and enjoy the freedom.



4 responses to “The lightness of heart!

  1. Well said. The more ‘things’ we have, the more we have to lose, the more we have to carry and the more wieght is holding us back. A free and happy heart is a light heart. Giving up our attachments to things will set us free. In the end, it is not the actual objects that tie us down, but our attachment to them… but certainly if the things aren’t there in the first place, there is nothing to be tempted to be attached to!

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