say NO to food wastage!

How do you order your food for lunch or dinner?

Are you order too much?

Any left over?

How do you handle the left over food? Throw away or take away?

Perhaps some of you might see how severe is food wastage nowadays, the table next to you might order too much and plenty of food left over. The left over food go direct to TRASH.

How do you feel?

“As inhabitants of the earth, we are nourished and sustained by Mother Earth who provides us our food and all the resources for life.  If she is healthy and well, we will be healthy and well.  Our fates are intertwined.” — Master Cheng Yen

How much effort people put in, in order for us to have a meal? say a bowl rice.

Start from a seed, effort from farmer, enough sunlight, water, compost, good soil, good weather, disaster free, transportation, selling, cooking…….. Then, only we can eat a “grain”.

We should count our blessing whenever we are taking meal.

Gratitude to all people’s contribution and definitely to mother of earth, for us  to have a meal.

This is not a MUST that our stomach MUST BE  full everyday.

Life is impermanence! No guarantee we can be full everyday. Anything can be happening. Gratitude and appreciate to even a small grain. Sa NO to food wastage!

Life is impermanence! Even though, we are RICH, when natural disaster strike, you can’t get any food even though you’ve ton of money.

Be mindfulness when we are taking our meal. Don’t over order. Be grateful and appreciation even to a small grain.

FINISH ALL YOUR FOOD, not even left over a grain. This is what my mum taught us since young.

When I went to have lunch in temple, after we finish our meal,  water will be given in order to for us to pour in our bowl to clear any food left over. We must drink the water to ensure


Think about how many people are in hunger NOW, we must finish all our food.

Say No to food wastage! 

Like what Master Cheng Yen’s teaching, Eat until 80% full & use the balance 20% to help others.

How meaningful!






6 responses to “say NO to food wastage!

  1. Dear Sis Lijiun,

    I concur with you 100%!

    素食八分飽 (Go vegetarianism and eat until 80% full)
    健康又環保 (Healthy and environmentally-friendly)
    兩分助人好 (Leave 20% to help others)
    快樂沒煩惱 (Joyful and no worries)

    With metta and gratitude,

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