Ghost month?

May all sentient beings are relieved from suffering! Learn the spirit of Great compassion and liberation from Bodhisattva Ksitigarbharaja.

According to the Chinese traditional believe, the seventh lunar  month in the traditional calendar, it’s a “Ghost” month where all ghost will be coming out from hell to have a “Vacation” for a month.

Some of you, might see the burning of paper make “House”, “Luxury car”, “Smart phone”, “TV”, “Money”, “Clothes” whatever you name it you can see it.

Have you ever wonder whether these items are created based on “our needs” or what our “Ancestors” need? And further, would all our Ancestors ended up in the “ghost” realm?

Is it Environmentally friendly? How many trees we need to chop down? How about air pollution?

I am not sure why since my childhood time, I am very much against on the “Burning of paper materials” for ancestor. I do my best to convince my  family to stop this practice as this is not environment friendly and why should we spend money on all this. It is better to donate money for others.

My mum is a traditional Chinese lady, she also requested us to give her all this “paper material” when she pass away later. However, after year of  convincing, finally she agreed that “No more burning of paper material”.

The best way to Filial piety to parent is to bring them to the path of spiritual, to give them “wisdom” which is not only for this life but many life to come.

Today, my sister & I went for the (地藏法會), Bodhisattva Ksitigarbharaja Puja.It took about 4 hours.

I am not aware on the timing as I am very much focus on the sutra chanting with the hope that this will beneficial to all sentient beings.

“If the hell is not empty of sentient beings, I vow not to attain Buddhahood.” was the great vow made by Bodhisattva Ksitigarbharaja for delivering sentient beings. The “Sutra of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbharaja’s vow” has been a well-known sutra of obedience to parents.

By joining the Puja, we prayed for our parent to have “Longevity” and “wisdom”. This is the best way to express our Filial piety. Besides, we also wish all sentient beings especially in Hell and Hungry ghost Realm to be relieved from suffering. 

The most important is to learn from the spirit of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbharaja’s great compassion and liberation.

Be diligent in the path until we’ve attained enlightenment.

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