Do you love reading?

How many books do you actually read in a year?

What type of book are you keen to read?

The book, I am referring here are those bringing the positive impact to life.

Reading is one of the best way to improve ourself.

A Chinese proverb: ” In a book, you can get a great treasure in life.”

So profound!

We can learn a lot great experience, advise from others to avoid ourselves to repeat the same foot step as the writer.

Besides, we can always share with others on the knowledge we’ve acquired through learning. It can transform us from ignorant to knowledgeable.

We are able to differentiate what is right and what is wrong.

When we are in a conversation, we are able to deliver more right and positive content which ca BENEFIT to others.

For me, I am just like a sponge which I am continuously absorb knowledge and wisdom from books, Dharma talk, Dharma Teaching and everybody is my TEACHER. 

For those who give me precious comment in the blog, you are my teacher. Even a river, a sea, little white (My lovely cat), a flower, a chicken, a child, a mountain, nature, there are my teacher too.  They are sharing Dharma with us in silence. Be mindfulness, you can observe all of their teaching.

Kindly cultivate the reading habit, be a sponge for continually to do life long learning.

Don’t give any excuse to yourself that you are too busy for reading.

Life is impermanence, Read while your eyes still can see.

A snail is trying HIS best to climb over the fencing… It just like our life, please do your best to cross over from ignorant to awareness and knowledgeable. It’s not only benefit you but the whole society. The world need more “Awaken” people now to wake up those “Sleeping mind”.

May your wisdom life grow!











11 responses to “Reading!

  1. “For me, I am just like a sponge which I am continuously absorb knowledge and wisdom from books, Dharma talk, Dharma Teaching and everybody is my TEACHER.” – I know that feeling! 🙂

  2. It is good to keep learning, including from books. I view that one of the three purposes of life is growth, and reading books supports that purpose.

    • Normally, we can’t appreciate whatever we have, we are going to be in deeply regret when we lost it. Treasure whatever we have in life! Cheers!

  3. Besides reading and acquiring the dharma knowledge, I believe it’s also very important to have “hands on” (身體力行) and practice dharma as a way of life. (佛法生活化)

    With metta and gratitude,

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