Do you have pet?

Do you ever observe how animals are taking their food?

We are so blessed to have Little White (our lovely cat), to come to our life.

Normally, I’ll spend time to observe his eating pattern.

Animals will know when are they full and hungry. Their life is so simple. Think about our eating habit?

When he is hungry, he’ll go to his little dining table (The food utensil is on top of a small box, so he doesn’t need to bend his body so much) and he’ll give us the difference “Meow” tone to ask for food.

When he is full, no matter how we are trying to convince him to take food, he’ll never open his mouth.

It’s really great to understand about animal’s world. They are so simple. They are only request for basic life necessity.

Think about us? How’s our eating behavior?

Are you still continue eating when you are full?

When you think of good food, you’ll do your very best to have it, despite of distance and price.

“The ocean can be filled, yet the tiny mouth of a human can never be filled.”  Jing Si Aphorism by Master Cheng Yen.

This is so profound!

Today, I heard a true story from a Dharma Talk.

” The story happen in one of the restaurant in China. In order to fulfill our sensory desire on “GOOD food”, we always want our food to be “FRESH”.

The food I am referring here is MEAT.

This particular restaurant offered “Fresh Meat or organ from COW”.

When the customer placed an order on cow’s tongue or  liver or…………., the cook will just cut out from the cow who is still ALIVE based on the customer’s request.

If you are the “COW”, how do you feel?

Can you imagine how much PAIN are we talking about here?

How much SUFFERING we cause to animals?

How much FEAR we bring to this lovely animals?

How is the feeling of dying slowly with so many wound and non stop bleeding in your body?

I just can’t stopped my tears, I felt the great pain and suffering that our animal friends need to go through due to our ignorant.

Another story on the chicken, in order to enjoy the “FRESH MEAT”, they just Chop the “Chicken leg” while the chicken still ALIVE.

There are more tragedy out there which we are “Unaware”.

Imagine how do you feel when you just accidentally cut your finger?

You might scream: “Painful and bleeding”

How about the miserable chicken? We never treat them as a living being.

To some of us, they are just “FOOD”. Why should we care about “FOOD” feeling?

The most important is the feeling of “ME”, “MINE”, “I”.

As an intelligent being in this planet of earth,

Where is our conscience? Where is our compassion? Where is our love? Where is our intelligent?

Where is our TRUE NATURE?

May the truth of these words awaken transcendent wisdom and great heart of compassion in all beings. May they bring blessings to all.

By Buddha

8 responses to “Awaken?

  1. Sis, another great post to awaken our conscience.

    When you have feeling of empathy (同理心) and sense of equality (平等心), then you shouldn’t kill to satisfy your appetite. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “I think, when the mind has developed to a certain stage, we will no longer kill animals just to satisfy appetite.”

    With metta and gratitude,

      • Sis, I don’t have a blog just yet.Hope to be able to blog like you and others someday. In any rate, I believe we all enrich ourselves everytime we are willing to share our thoughts and dharma knowledge. Isn’t this considered a kind of dana (法布施)?

        With metta and gratitude,

      • Yup, so true this is dana- Dharma(法布施). I am looking forward for your blog. This is one way to self benefit and benefit others. May you be Happy and Well!with metta and gratitude

  2. If you have ever had a pet who was injured, you have seen the way they respond to pain is the same way we do. Scientists have shown they have the same nerves, respond to stimuli the same as we do, so why do people continue to say but they are only animals. When we can learn to respect life in all forms, we will respect ourselves, and peace will become the norm not the exception.
    With metta

  3. People appear separated from the suffering of animals, but this also extends to each other and themselves.

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