Ask yourself:

If you see, your friends get a New car, New bungalow, nice branded bag, new pet, new diamond ring,  how do you feel?

When you go for a free seating concert, how do you react in order to secure a great seat? How do you feel if the “good seat” being occupied by others?

Do you feel “jealousy”? Do you want to “Compete”?

Some of us might do their best to compete with their friends, to show the world he is the “WINNER”.

Do we need all this “competition”?

Contemplate deeply on this topic…..

The flower from other plants enhance the beauty of the tree. Nature is showing a great sample to us on “Living harmony” and “no competition”. All living beings are all related. We are One! 

The only person you need to compete is you, YOURSELF. Who else?

Can you actual use your eyes and look at your face? Try it.

The answer is NO, our eyes will only look at other’s face.

Now, the best time for us to check our inner heart.

How are you doing?

Are you constantly improve yourself?

What is the changes in yourself?


Become a better person or worst?

How about my jealousy? attachment? Anger? Greedy? ignorant? Pride? Ego?

Am I improving?

Am I doing better today than yesterday.

Instead of, Compete with your friends, why not to “Congratulate for His success and give him your best wishes.”

Life will be more harmony, peaceful and full of happiness & joy.

I am sure this is what you want in life. So, Please only compete with yourself and always check on your improvement!

What a beautiful world!












10 responses to “Competition?

  1. Lovely words of wisdom… to live for oneself and not to outdo others… to like the achievements of others and to tell them so… I love it… Jealousy can ruin a good friendship for sure…

  2. “It is meaningless to demand others’ respect., Only the respect inspired by the goodness of our character is real and true.”

    “培養好自己的氣質,不要爭面子 ; 爭來的是假的,養來的才是真的。 ”

    — Jingsi Aphorisms by Dharma Master Cheng Yen:

  3. Very true, competing against others is like playing the children’s game king of the mountain. You push and pull till you are on top, then everyone is out to replace you at the top.

  4. thanks for sharing this message to a world which feels that the best method to make line look longer is to cut short the neighbouring lines… hope this message would have a positive impact on all unhealthy competitors…

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