Self benefit and benefit others!

How do you spend your weekend?

Do you feel tired, exhausted after your weekend?

I’ve spent my weekend to attend a 2 days dharma teaching by  鄭振煌教授, a professor from Taiwan.

The link is in mandarin:

It was so benefited. A very in depth dharma sharing on the practice of “Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva’s method on living and dying.” He explained on Heart sutra, Shurangama Sutra (首楞嚴經) and also he was sharing with us on how to be compassion to the people who are dying soon.

My greatest gratitude to all people to make this Dharma Class possible.

Be mindfulness when we go for our Dharma Class. Don’t be like this leaves, no raindrop can be sustain on it. Hope your wisdom life grow after each of the Dharma session. 

Food is the medicine for our body to survive and Dharma teaching is for our mind. This precious wisdom is going to benefit us from now until we are enlightened. Let’s the Dharma water to purify us.

I felt peace, calm, happy and joy after the class. It’s strengthen my faith to continue to be diligent in this precious spiritual path. I vow to share whatever I learned to benefit all beings.

My point is why not go for some activities which can benefit yourself and others instead of just spend your precious time in doing activities which is only satisfy your sensory desires.

e.g. More Shopping- more bag, clothes, jewelry, watches, Busy to fill all your day with lunch appointment, dinner appointment, Watching movies, Hi-Tea with friends, Watching drama, Playing computer games, karaoke, happy hour and…… Do your best to fill up all your day, to look “BUSY”?

Time past so fast, a day gone, it mean that we are a step nearer to our tomb. Please make full use of our  human body to self benefit and benefit others.  

Set this as our Life objective.

May your wisdom life grow!






2 responses to “Self benefit and benefit others!

  1. Thanks for sharing. It’s so true we should strive to do something meaningful and beneficial to others — when it benefits others, it will also benefit you in different way, but never ask for something in return — 付出無所求.

    With metta & gratitude.

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