When you see others doing good deeds,

Do you give compliment sincere from your heart?

Do you give some encouraging words?

Do you give a BIG SMILE and thumb up?

Do you share with others’ friends?

If you feeling the other way,

e.g, “Oh.. Simple job, he should do, no big deal.”, ” I can do better than him.”, “What’s so special?”

See, all this words, full of jealousy, ego, no gratitude and negativity.

There is a teaching from Buddha on the “Give compliment to others when they do good deeds”.

One day, a disciple asked Buddha, “When I do good deed, e.g. Dana, If somebody give compliment, are they going to take away my merit?

Buddha answered: ” In a total dark room, only one candle is lighted and other people lighted their candle by the only lighted candle. Do you think the brightness of the only lighted candle will be decreased?”

Disciple answered: “For sure, no. Besides, the room will be brighter as many candle has been lighted up.”

What a wise answer! This is equivalent to one people do good deeds, 10, 100, 1,000 people are giving compliment to him. Initially, only one kind people but now spread to 1,000 kind people in the world.

The reason is simple when you give a compliment sincere from your heart, it’ll activate the “Kindness” in your heart. When your heart is full of kindness, you can’t be a bad person.

“Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world” By Buddha

The person who receive sincere compliment and the person who give compliment, their heart will blossom like flower.

Happiness & joyful!

Purity, sincere and genuine.

May your heart blossom like flowers! with metta

What are you waiting for?

Perhaps, you can start to give compliment when you see others doing good deeds.

Don’t be stingy and shy. No cost but you gain “HAPPINESS”.

May your heart blossom like flower, full of joy and happiness!

Let’s turn this world to be a pure land for us to stay!












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