Life is impermanence!


Tonight, I realized deeply on life is so fragile, we can’t control anything at all.

Life & death just in a breath!

A very unique visitor came to our house, a black snake.

After dinner, I saw Little White movement in fear in front of the shoes rack (just outside my house), at first I can’t see the snake at all as it was in total black color. My sister even used her hand to move the plastic bag under the shoes rack.

I said to her, “Definitely, something wrong as Little White in “Fearful” condition. She ran inside the house to get torch-light.

During this time, only Little White and I, thanks to my mindfulness practice, I heard something moving the plastic, I knew something inside there and I walked near the shoes rack, I saw a black snake under the shoes rack, in circle shape.

Without a second thought, I carried Little White and ran to my house. Immediately, I closed the door & window. I don’t have any thought to harm the snake but I need him to be out of my house and my neighbor hood to avoid any injury.

I called the 999 for assistance & the professional came & helped us. I respect and salute for their professionalism, they’ve no fear at all. However, the snake ran away.

One of the touching point is my neighbor also came to helped us during this critical moment. Great Love!

Good bye, Mr Frog. Our prayer to Mr. Frog, May he rest in peace, no revenge to the snake for next life. May he not be reborn in 3 lower realm.

Our gratitude to our cat for saving our life as he discovered the snake but we’ve lost our friend, Mr. Frog who has stayed with us, he is Dead, being bite by the snake. Life is so fragile!

Little white, able to survive as he is sick. Everything happen for a reason. Be Grateful in every moment in your life!

Normally, Little White will fight back but he has fever yesterday. Now, much better but still weak. Thankfulness to his sickness, he is survived.

Treasure our life and during the critical moment, be mindfulness, calm and pray.

We need to do our daily homework in order for us to be calm and peace when we are facing critical moment in life.

Start your spiritual path now! No more waiting, please.

May you be Happy and Well!




12 responses to “Life is impermanence!

  1. Glad no one else was injured…Yes, I concur with you…. Everything in life happens for a reason. If it is an adversary, we accept it willingly and gracefully, and hopefully, it will fade away soon. Don’t avoid and fight back!

    逆境是“增上缘”,可遇而不可求. 碰到逆境時,應心生感激.

    • Thanks! He has fully recovered but still a bit phobia, every time when he pass by place he met the black snake. He can get over on it soon. Cheers!

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