Do Nothing, Live slowly!

How do you plan for your holiday?

Trying your very best to pack all plan schedule to ensure you are “BUSY”?

Have you ever evaluate the content of  your plan schedule?

Are you actually doing something benefit to others?

Are you actually spend time with yourself to understand “yourself” better?

Do you experience “TIRED” after your “BUSY” schedule during holiday?

If yes, Perhaps you can try to do “NOTHING” during your holiday.

Holiday is meant for us to refresh, relax, rejuvenate yourself.

You’ll experience a difference in your life.

Life is so relaxing, peace and calm when we are “Do Nothing, Live slowly”.

No need to be in Hurry and rush in your life in order to pursuit MORE WEALTH and you let go “LIVE AT NOW”.

Where are you heading?  The path of dying is waiting for everybody.

Be HERE and Live at NOW with your heart full with gratitude and contentment.

You are the happiest person in the universe.

This morning, I went for morning walk again. Follow the same path but the scenery is difference from yesterday. It’s so profound that Our life is a one way ticket, and no rewind button. Live at now, don’t trap in past and future.

Join me on the morning walk, Do nothing, just be with the nature!

A beautiful sunrise, I am grateful that I live for another NEW day. May the new day be filled with happiness and joy for all beings.

A green and beautiful tree! Do you see any monkey? Be mindfulness!

The tree might be there for tomorrow but for sure the monkey will not be there. Treasure our loved one especially our parent. Be filial piety NOW and Not regret later. Life is impermanence!

Guess what is this white little ball? Like Marshmallow… So cute!

It’s white mushroom… So pure! How beautiful is our mother of earth! It can grow anything… Do our best to love HER!

So happy that I met with my 3 little chicken friends again. They are doing morning walk! Lovely!

Do you notice the beautiful white flower next to your footstep? Be mindfulness!

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change. – Buddha

So precious to see 2 little Yellow bird on a tree, their voice is so good… One the best singer! You can enjoy the best orchestra in nature. Be Mindfulness!

Do nothing, get in touch with NATURE. May you be Happy and Well! with metta

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