The journey of vegetarian food in Hong Kong

Some of the people asking me: “If everybody stop eating meat, there is high possibility we might face excess animals in our  ecology cycle. How to handle by then?

My answer is simple. Just check around your neighborhood,

count how many hens are running wild in your area?

Any cows?

Any Lambs?

Any Ducks?

Any Goose?

In my residential area, I can’t even look for a hen. How about yours?

In this modern development world, we treat animals as livestock which can generate profit for business man. We don’t care much whether they are actually in great pain, WE WANT to satisfy our sensory desire.

In economy term, To intensively supply in order to fulfill the high demand on “MEAT”.

Always remember, Livestock farming, intensive produce “MEAT” to fulfill the market demand. This is not the LAW of NATURE.

If we can take a VOW to reduce meat-eating, the demand will drop and the supply will reduce too.

Your decision will help to reduce the great suffering of all animals.

Please share your great love with them.

“A vegetarian saves more than 30 land animals each year”.

A vegetarian saves more than 225 fish each year.

A vegetarian saves more than 151 shellfish each year

A vegetarian saves more than 406 animals each year.

A vegetarian saves at least an animal a day.”

Do not underestimate on your potential and your kindness will help so many lives.

Do your best  be a Vegetarian.

Hong Kong is a paradise for seafood and also Cantonese style of cooking with plenty of meat.

However, I am able to look for quite a number of nice vegetarian restaurant.

Follow me for the journey of vegetarian food in Hong Kong……



5 combinations Mushroom, French bean, beet root, Bean curd roll…. Yummy food!

Lotus root biscuit… Special & nice!

Vegetarian fried rice with pine nut. Simple yet yummy.

Fried Flat noodle (chee cheong fun in Cantonese)

Fried Vegetarian noodles with soya sauce

Vegetarian curry fish ball…. can’t find this dish in Malaysia. Nice!


Unique dessert with 3 combination, Black sesame dessert with to fu fah (Bean curd) and green tea ice cream. Unique & yummy!

Fried white radish cake

Fried flat noodles with (“Mock meat”)Great taste!

Sweet and sour “Mock meat” with Pineapple, cucumber, tomato, green capsicum

Beautiful deco of ToFu (Bean curd) So healthy and yummy!

Chinese style of Sweet & vinegar, “mock meat”

Tom yam style of bean curd roll… Spicy!

Are you hungry?

Try on vegetarian food for your next meal.

May you be HAPPY and WELL!


8 responses to “The journey of vegetarian food in Hong Kong

  1. They look delicious! Please share the name of the restaurants where you had the curry fish ball and tom yam style beancurd roll:) M visiting HK n Macau soon and I am a vegetarian since birth:)

    • Hi! I am so happy to hear that you are vegetarian since born. What a great blessing in life!
      There are many good vegetarian restaurant in Hong Kong, you can check out the below link:

      The Vegetarian restaurant which I’ve tried as below:
      Kung Tak Lam
      7/F 1 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

      Chi Lin Vegetarian
      Nan Lian Garden, 60 Fung Tak Road (Diamond Hill)
      (at MTR: Diamond Hill Station Exit C2, follow signs to Chi Lin Nunnery)

      M Garden Vegetarian
      2/F, Omega Plaza, 32-34A Dundas Street, Mong Kok (852) (at nearest MTR station Yau Ma Tei)

      Three Virtues
      4/F, JD Mall, 233-239 Nathan Rd, Jordan (at Jordan MTR Exit C1)

      Remember to try the vegetarian dim sum. It’s delicious. Enjoy your trip!


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