Be compassion in life!

A lovely swan and friends are swimming freely in the pond! How important is “FREEDOM” in life?

I love to see how freely the lovely Swan can swim in the pond with his friend fishes.

I believed they are enjoying their “Freedom” and “Happiness” in life. What a beautiful life!

What do you think about animals being CAGED in order to satisfy our sensory desire for meat-eating?

My question is How do you think about animals who lost their freedom?

From  the day they born until die, they are kept in the cage, never ever enjoy any “Freedom” in life.

Let’s talk about chicken, once the small hens are born, their mission only “CONTINUE EATING- To grow Faster and Bigger”, the light in the iron cages are switched on even in the night-time.

Eating and continue eating plus hormone injection. They are ready to send to slaughter-house in only

7 weeks vs 15 weeks (In previous)

A normal hen will need 26 Inches in order to fully open her wings.

Guess, how much is the space they have?

Only 6 Inches. Take a ruler and measure.

They have never ever open their wing fully in their life. What a tragedy!

Beside, they’ve never ever out from the cage to enjoy a good walk, fresh air and “FREEDOM” in life.

Due to the limited space, worst still their paws are grown around the fine iron…. How painful it is!

Imagine if you are the chicken, are you HAPPY? are you enjoy your life? Is this call life? Is this HELL?

Ask yourself from deep in your heart:

Who is the ONE who bring  such a great suffering in life to our animal friends?

To cause suffering in animals to satisfy our “3 inches” of Throat? Is this HAPPINESS in life? Think about it.

We…. Human, in order to satisfy our DESIRE and sensory satisfaction for 3 inches of our throat… We are actually caused such an UNBEARABLE suffering to our animal friends who can feel the same pain, same color of blood  as us… the only difference is we don’t speak in the same language.

Do you think the animals who are in such a great pain in their entire life will produce a healthy meat for your consumption?

According to the reports made by the Government of America, “More than ninety percent of the hens are infected with “Hens” Cancer.”

Be mindfulness and compassion when you take your next meal!

The Shurangama Sutra gives the following statement, ‘ A man ate the goat and the goat which was killed would return and be born as a man. the killer would become a goat. After many times of life and death, they are taking turns to devour each other.” The turns of killing and eating show the cause and effect in the round of birth and death.This is no end to this process of cause and effect, after many life times, the man who has been injured or killed are sure to come back to seek revenge on his opposer and murderer.”

According to The Lankavatara Sutra, “Greed and craving arise because of food. The mind becomes confused because of Greed and craving. A confused mind will give rise to love and desire. There is no way to release from the bondage of life and death.” The sutra also stated, “A man kills the animals and devours the meat in order to strengthen his body. The energy thus obtained will rise to evil thoughts. The evil thoughts will give rise to greed and sensual desires.”

You are the master of your destiny, Choose of the right path to follow to benefit all living beings.

The DECISION is with you. Take a first step by NOW!

May your wisdom and compassion life grow!

With metta











2 responses to “Be compassion in life!

  1. I encountered, fed and photographed a swan yesterday. Beautiful creatures. I came away with four swan feathers.

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